Welcome to Ebb N Flow Movement!

Yes, believe it or not, today is still technically the New Year-according to the Chinese calendar. And since this new year is the year of the Wooden Horse and horses seem to be making a big wonderful comeback in my life, I thought that today would be a perfect day to share some joy and giggles☺.
Starting with a quick update. Life seems to be accelerating to close to supersonic speeds since we moved to out to the hill country in Kerrville.
Here’s what we’ve got:

TUESDAY: I am in Lakehills, which is an awesome community close to Medina Lake. I am working at Studio Z. Bryan Zoeller is an amazing personal trainer and owner of the studio. We have a yoga class at 1 p.m. This is the perfect class if you are just getting back into your routine and boy do we have fun☺! I also see 3 Thai clients, times are arranged around the yoga class. If you want to come out for a fun play day, or you live close by, we would love to see you! Contact Bryan Zoeller at 830.688.0411 or studioztraining@yahoo.com to make your reservation. (Yoga class space is limited to 7 students to maximize personal attention).

WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY: These days are split between San Antonio and Kerrville. Eric is working to find the best calendar widget available for the website. So, more detailed information will be coming soon. What’s important to know now is that appointments are booking up VERY fast. If you have been thinking about making an appointment it’s best to do it NOW and then I will get to see you in a few weeks-YIPPEE!

SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY: Playtime, Horse time, Workshop time, and Have Hands Will Travel time. Playtime and Horse time are pretty self explanatory☺.

WORKSHOP TIME: refers to an amazing space that Karen Brown, a natural horsemanship trainer brought to me. Through Karen, we created “Yoga, Your Horse and You”. By using breath, yoga asana/postures and natural horsemanship principles you can create a deeper richer connection with your horse and improve your riding skills at the same time. It is a WOW experience and not to be missed.

HAVE HANDS WILL TRAVEL: means that I will come to you for your Thai Yoga Therapy experience☺. For a set price I will bring my mats to you and your family/friends will receive 3 hours of Thai time. It is wonderful fun and something very special. Click on the PRICES link for details.

A special thank you to everyone for being flexible with this crazy weather! I really appreciate it.

And last but not least…There have been some changes to our Thai session lengths. I know that not everybody has an hour and a half to give to a session, so I now have a 65 minute spot treatment. You can get more info under prices. AND drum roll please! I have a new facebook page that I am very excited about. Please go to www.facebook.com/ebbnflowmovement . You will find an interview that I did with Ms. Melodie Licht . If you have someone who wants more information on Thai Yoga Therapy, this is a great introduction. I want to make this page my way of touching base with you all on a more frequent basis rather then sending out long lengthy emails—like this one☺. So, if you do Facebook, please LIKE my page so I can talk with you more often.
There’s still a lot more to tell, but I’ll save that for next time! Hope you all have a marvelous wonderful and abundantly abundant New Year!
With deep Metta,
P.S. If you want to know about what a Horse Year brings, click on this link