Take a deep breath A N D….Happy December!!!! I know that for many of us, December is our favorite month and also one of our most stressful. This year I am choosing to live in the space of “Most Favorite”.
2012 has been very generous with me and I am so very grateful. Many wonderful things are beginning to manifest. Coming from a desire to synergize the Thai Yoga Therapy, in September I went back to massage therapy school. I have great teachers, great classmates and get to re-connect with my love of learning and being a student. Then in October, as many of you know, I was able to move my/our (including you all:) Thai practice into The Synergy Studio space. This is HUGE for me! In the 18 years that I have owned my own businesses, I have always worked out of the house. I have discovered, that while I miss the girls (our dogs), I LOVE having a more public space from which to work. I hope this has come through for those of you who have visited the new space as well.
So now, how can I help all of you during this beautiful crazy month?

#1. Well, back to it where started, if things start feeling like too much, PLEASE take a breath and allow it to re-connect to your heart:).

#2. If you need it, take a little time for yourself, if that’s a bubble bath with a glass of wine, a walk outside, a yoga class or giving yourself some Thai time.

#3. If part of what is stressing you out is trying to find gifts for your special people, maybe this year try something a little different. Many times what we want is more time to spend with our special peeps. What about a gift certificate for a house cleaning, or a window washing, or mowing the lawn, or simply to spend some one on one time together over coffee-your treat. If you don’t know someone who you could call to get a gift certificate for something like that, call or text me. We’ll get ya hooked up! And, if you have people you want to give a Thai Yoga Therapy session to, I have some beautiful gift certificates as well.
Joy and Deepest Metta,