I didn’t discover the beauty and peace that comes from moving consciously with breath until I was in my mid-thirties. In fact, I didn’t even know moving my body could be so much fun or what a different perspective on life mindful breath and movement can bring. Stress is what originally led me to a regular yoga practice. I had stepped into a new relationship and parenting a child for the first time. A regular yoga practice began to teach me how to be more present with the two people most important to me. It was this discovery that led me to my 200 hour yoga teacher training, which I completed in September of 2002.

After years of teaching in many different situations, I began to look for something more. Some way to be able to make a deeper longer lasting change for my students and their bodies. In 2010, I took the next step by going to Montreal, Canada to learn the art of Thai Yoga. This is a deep one on one yoga practice that focuses on breath, rhythmic movement and supported/restorative yoga poses to allow the student to find new levels of openness, flexibility, tension release and calm within their own body.

When I came back from Montreal, I knew that I had found something very powerful to help people at a deeper level. I started practicing with and on my yoga students at the time. They were my best teachers and gave me the feedback I needed about how our stressed out Western bodies are so very different from people in more traditional cultures. This helped me focus my Thai Yoga practice on what we need here in the United States and led me back to massage therapy school. I graduated in July of 2013. Massage therapy school gave me my next step. Most people outside of the yoga community have a difficult time with their breath.

So, now I’ve come full circle. Back to my first yoga teachers and the power of mindful breath. I truly believe that if we can fully breath, we can change and maybe even transform our lives. What a beautiful and exciting time to live and breathe! Stay tuned as I continue on this path of Ebb N Flow and full integrated breath…..

Tricia is a licensed massage therapist with the state of Texas and is affiliated with:

Yoga Alliance and Texas Yoga Association

She holds the following certifications:

Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Bodywork Beginning Certification 2010

Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Bodywork Intermediate and Advanced Certification-January 2011