The word “Vinyasa” literally translates to variations with prescribed parameters. How do you achieve these variations within prescribed parameters? Through the breath, the power of life.

*“…Each variation is linked to the next one by a succession of specific transitional movements, synchronized with the breath. The mind closely follows the slow, smooth, deliberate ujjayi yogic breathing; and the yoking of the mind and body takes place with the breath acting as a harness.”

For me the physical practice of yoga asana or posture has ALWAYS been about the breath. To me, it is the mind focusing on breath that helps to create a practice that is a moving meditation and separates yoga from simply being a “stretch or exercise”.

As my friend Christine Marcella, so aptly says, “Motion follows breath”. It is from this place that I strive teach. I attempt to inspire my students to find and stay connected to their breath throughout their practice, so allow their breath to infuse and create an internal present-ness and gracefulness of movement that they may not otherwise not yet feel in the other parts of their lives. It is my aspiration that people will leave a class that I have taught with a deeper connection to their breath, a more open body, and a centered feeling of peace.

*From: The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga by Srivatsa Ramaswami