Things that I find interesting…

Okay so this is my chance to share with you the people and places that I find interesting. It is a broad spread…enjoy!

I am very proud to announce the official trailer for my friend Susie’s new movie, “Eye of the Hurricane”.

If you are interested in a Vedic Astrological reading done, Renu Namjoshi is one of the best!

A great online uplifting movie:

One woman’s Near Death Experience, very moving.

Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight, powerful!

San Antonio’s Grandmother of yoga, Esther Vexler makes the news.

My spiritual teacher,

This is my husband Eric’s web/blog site. Fantasy art fans you are in for a big treat!

Here is the website for my paintings and my jewelry. Please note, everything is over 4 years old. I will be updating it VERY soon!